Meet your instructors


Michael Cahn

Michael grew up in Santa Fe listening to the Latin rhythms of his father’s flamenco troupe. During Spanish language studies in Cuzco, Peru, he discovered salsa dance, and when he returned to the U.S. he joined every salsa class he could find. Desiring a deeper understanding of the dance, Michael  traveled to Havana Cuba to study with Yaykel Parez. He studied for the next several years, traveling to  Ecuador, Mexico and all over the USA to train. He has performed and competed throughout the Northwest. He and his dance partner Dana Sindona finished in the top 5 at the 2011 and 2012 Gemini Salsa championships, and he has won multiple Jack and Jill contests in Seattle. In March of 2012,13 and 14 Michael trained and competed in the Seattle Dances benefit. Winning a mirrorball trophy in 2014 with Carol Bailey Medwell . Michael believes great salsa dancing comes from understanding the basic rhythm, timing, and body mechanics. It’s not just about flashy moves, but more about a dancer’s connection with the music and his or her partner. “Salsa is accessible to all people, no matter their age, experience in dance, or fitness level.”


473 North 36th Street, ste C, Seattle, WA 98103     206.708.5857

Dana Sindona

Dana has always had a love for all things latin american and for dance/movement in general. She danced basic Samba/Pagode in Brazil and started dancing Cumbia and cuban salsa 6 yrs ago in Denver - which gave her some sabor. She then got into "LA Style" and more technique after moving to Seattle. “I want to learn every dance possible - currently i am an absolutely terrible beginner ballet dancer. i hope one day to learn some flamenco and tap.”

Asia Wen

Youtube bachata sensation, Asia, learned to dance by feel. She just has that ability to feel the music. Asia has danced internationally for years and brings the ability to both lead and follow Bachata with the best of them. She’s an accomplished salsa dancer and loves to share her expertise.

Priya Alahan

Bio coming soon!

Meredith Geffert

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