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Thanks for choosing Sueños de Salsa, where we teach some of the most popular dances on the planet. Salsa and Bachata are fun, flirty and sexy—and anybody can learn them!

Who hasn’t imagined themselves tearing up the dance floor? Maybe you were inspired by a movie or TV show, or a special event where everyone seemed to be dancing but you. At some point, you’ve found yourself thinking, “Wow, I wish I could do that!” But for whatever reason, you let the idea pass. Maybe you felt like dance classes would be too difficult or expensive, or believed that you simply have two left feet. Here at Sueños de Salsa, our mission is to show you just how easily you can make your dream a reality! We believe everyone should experience the joy of partner dancing, and we know that anyone can learn with the right lessons.

There are many places to learn salsa in Seattle, but none of them are quite like Sueños de Salsa. Our dance studio offers a one of a kind experience, focusing on authentic methods proven around the world to produce great dancers. Instead of trying to teach a huge variety of partner dances, we teach only Salsa & Bachata. We are the only studio in Seattle that teaches exclusively “On2”, the style preferred by many of the best salsa dancers in the city. This specialized focus means that all of our instructors are experts in the dance styles they teach. When you train at Sueños de Salsa, you know that you’re on your way to becoming the best dancer that you can be, that you are learning an authentic dance form, and that your time spent practicing is truly going to pay off.

In our studio, there are no gimmicks, no shortcuts, just true and honest feedback. The instructors work hard to make sure that you know your skill level, know that when you put in work you will improve, and know that you are working towards a realistic goal. We want you to be able to wow your special someone, perform for your friends, and enjoy yourself without feeling self-conscious. By focusing on real results, we produce confident dancers who know exactly how good they are!

Finally, we focus on working hard and having fun! We encourage you to be the best dancer that you can be, without pressuring or rushing you. We want you to set your own pace, learning what your body is capable of in a natural way. Whether you just want to get through the basics comfortably, or really shine on the dance floor, or perfect your skills and join a dance team; we are here to guide and support you, and to make sure you have a great time learning!

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor soon!

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