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 Thanks for choosing Suenos de Salsa for your dance classes!

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Salsa and Bachata are some of the most popular dances on the planet. Salsa and Bachata are fun, flirty and sexy—and anybody can learn them! Let’s face it, everybody’s been inspired to learn how to dance at some point. Maybe it was a a movie or TV show, or witnessing some couple tear up the dance floor. We’ve all thought, “Wow, I wish I could do that!” But, you let the idea pass because you thought it would be too difficult, expensive, or you think you have two left feet.

There are a number of different dance schools and studios offering lessons, making it hard to choose where to learn. Thankfully, our dance studio offers a one of a kind experience to students and focuses on authentic methods that have produced great dancers around the world. Traditional methods combined with caring teachers and knowledgeable staff makes for an experience unlike any other in the city. When you train at Sueños de Salsa, you know that you are on your way to the becoming the best dancer that you can be, that you are learning an authentic dance form, and that your time spent practicing is actually going to pay off.

There are no gimmicks, no shortcuts, no attempts to make you feel like you are a better dancer than you actually are, just true and honest feedback. The instructors want to make sure that you know your skill level, know that when you put in work you will improve, and know that you are working towards a realistic goal. They want you to be able to wow your girlfriend or boyfriend, perform for your friends, and enjoy yourself without making a fool of yourself. This focus on real results means that you will never feel like you are having the wool pulled over your eyes.

Our dance studio also focuses exclusively on salsa, bachata and Zouk giving you a focused atmosphere that is lacking at many other dance studios. There are bigger groups that offer lessons in all sorts of different dance forms, but that means their instructors have to be good at several different dances, rather than being great at just a few. We believe that this lack of focus actually hurts people who are trying to learn, allowing mistakes to slip through the cracks, impacting the learner’s style later on in life. We try to avoid this by ensuring that our instructors are dedicated to Salsa & Bachata, allowing their passion to show through.

Finally, we focus on having fun and working hard. We don’t like to put a lot of pressure on our dancers, but instead, like to encourage you to be the best dancer that you can be. We want you to set your own pace, learning what your body is capable of in a natural way. Our dance studio is located on Lake City Way in Seattle. Our dance lessons can be 1 on 1 or in a group setting, whichever you prefer.

So when you want to take salsa lessons in Seattle, think of our dance studio and the personalized focus that we put on you. At Sueños de Salsa we believe everyone should enjoy the great feeling of dancing, and we know that anyone can learn with the right salsa lessons! Our salsa classes are focused on having fun while acquiring the confidence and skills needed to get out on the floor!

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQs page on our website. You’ll find a lot of important info about taking classes with us there. We look forward to seeing you in soon!!

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