Thanks for choosing Suenos de Salsa dance classes!

What should I wear to class?
Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move well.  Bring a water bottle!

Where can I buy dance shoes?
We carry GFranco Dance Shoes at our Studio. Contact us for info.

What is a Lead and Follow?
The lead (conventionally the male in a mixed-sex couple) is responsible for choosing appropriate steps to suit the music and leading the follow (conventionally the female in mixed sex couples) by using subtle signals to complete the chosen steps smoothly and safely. However, in Suenos de Salsa Dance classes you may choose to learn the role of lead or follow regardless of your gender.

Should I bring a water bottle?

Do I need to bring a partner?
**No. All students must show proof of vaccination from Covid-19** Private and Semi-private lessons are available as well for non vaccinated students.


I don’t see anything on the Upcoming Series page. When is the next Series?
Check back for updates!

Once a Series has begun, it no longer appears on the Upcoming Series page. Series are posted 3 weeks prior the start date.

What if I miss a class?

Bare in mind that our classes are often sold out and we try very hard to get a 50-50 balance of leads to follows in our classes. Because of this, we don’t allow switching series to make up classes. The only exception to this is if we know that certain LEADS or FOLLOWS  will be missing a class thus opening spots up. Missing class could leave others without practice partners. Because of this we strongly encourage all students to come to the entire Series. If you can’t make it to class, a private lesson is a great way to get caught up. Sorry, No credit will be given for future Series or classes.

What if I want to cancel my class or series?

Cancelations are accepted for private lessons up to 24 hours before your lesson is scheduled. Inside of 24 hours there are no refunds and you will be charged full price for the lesson

Cancelations for series are accepted up to 48 hours before your Series’ 1st class. You have up to 90 days from original series start date to begin another series after which time your credit will expire. Inside of 48 hours there are no refunds and you will be charged full price for the series and no credit for future series will be given.

Where should I park?
There is a Park and Ride one block west of the studio at 65th and I5. There is a pay lot 2 blocks north. The outdoor parking lot at Bartells/Starbucks has 3 hour parking. Please consider a purchase from one of their businesses. There is usually street parking as well. (Make sure to pay your parking fees!)

Where can I go dancing in Seattle?
We offer social dancing every 1st Friday of the month!

Where can I get music to practice?
There is so much salsa music available it can be hard to pick good songs for practice. Go to the Resources page and use the links to get free tools for practice.

How do I know what class to sign up for?
Start with our Salsa 1 Series. It is for absolute beginners or anyone who wants a strong review to get back into the swing of things. If neither of the above are true for you, call 206.388-8736 or email and we’ll discuss the class that will best suit your skill/experience level.

There are not any classes that work with my schedule. What are my options?
We can work with you to schedule private lessons that work with your schedule.

What is the difference between On1 and On2?

Here is a well done article explaining the difference between the two styles:

The difference between On1 and On2