Sueños de Salsa Performance Team


Sueños de Salsa is excited to be starting this new project. These experienced instructors and dancers are committed to building dancers, not just learning a choreography. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of one of Seattle’s only locally choreographed teams! Dancers who are interested in taking their dancing to the next level, learning performance quality and etiquette and becoming a part of a great community are encouraged to contact us to set up an audition.


Johnny Vazquez World Team Project

Calling All Salseros!
This is the real thing! Do you really want to step up your game? Do you truly want to take your salsa dancing to the next level? Then come join the Johnny Vazquez World Team Project!! This a men’s program but women are more than welcome to join. Learn far more than partnering classes. Learn to move a true salsa dancer. Bring a great attitude and be ready to work hard! Ever think about how you’d like to improve your styling and/or technique? Take your dancing to the next level? Or maybe you’d love to learn some amazing choreography to challenge yourself and shine on stage… IJohnny Vazquez World Team Projectf any of these apply to you, read on!

World renowned Salsa dancer extraordinaire Johnny Vazquez World Team Project is here in Seattle!

How it Works: Michael Cahn will act as the team trainer and coordinator for the le Team. Johnny Vazquez will send video tutorials of his awesome choreography and provide feedback as the team progresses. In addition to learning the choreography, students will work on spins, timing, body movement and general technique. Practices will be held twice a week beginning in March and we will end our season in November, training with Johnny Vazquez at the Seattle Salsa Congress!!!

Audition required. Must be solid intermediate dancer for this program.

To register, call 206.708.5857 or email