Our workshops are a great way to take your dancing to the next level! See below for our upcoming workshop schedule.

To register, call 206.708.5857 or email dance@suenosdesalsa.com.

Luis Armacanqui Bachata/On2 Workshops!

I’m so excited to announce that
Luis Armacanqui will be in Seattle and will be doing intensive workshops on Bachata and On2.
Luis has incredible style and musicality, and is a master of sensitive and efficient connection. He is also a percussionist and teaches classes in which he actually plays the instruments.
His area of expertise is so broad, he can teach anything from movement to partnering, but what he really loves to teach (that isn’t explored anywhere else) is teaching basic musicology to dancers and ways to apply that knowledge to their individual musicality. The end goal is to help students develop their own style on solid footing, rather than copying anyone else’s aesthetic.

The series of Bachata workshops will be three sessions and will be held on Saturday 8/5 at 4pm, Wednesday 8/9 at 9pm and Thursday 8/10 at 9pm.

The series of On2 workshops will be three sessions and will be held on Saturday 8/12 at 4pm, Wednesday 8/16 at 9pm and Thursday 8/17 at 9pm.

Cost will be $90 for the Series of 3 two hour workshops.
Limit 20 couples
first 10 students use discount code Luis20 to get a 20% Early bird discount.

If you want to take individual workshops, you can reserve your spot by sending a PayPal payment to michaelcahnbjj@aol.com or you can use Facebook payment to Michael Burton Cahn. We also accept cash and credit cards at the studio. Individual workshops are $35. PLEASE BE VERY SPECIFIC WHICH NIGHT/S YOU WANT TO ENROLL FOR! Thanks!

a) Discovering Bachata/Salsa Music – Learn how to identify the various musical cues and changes that guide our dancing, from something as simple as keeping basic time to matching the intensity of the music as the rhythms change. The ultimate goal here is to have you dancing as if you were another member of the band: fully “in the zone” and in harmony!

b) Partnering Technique & Movement Aesthetic – This course will cover not just technique, but how to be economic (spending less energy and cutting down on excessive and unnecessary movements) while developing a natural look and feel. There will be a thorough emphasis on technique for both leaders and followers, so even though some sequences may be used to reinforce instruction, the course will not consist of long, confusing patterns for leads and chants of “just follow!” for followers.

c) Musicality And Individual Expression – Here is where you can be playful and begin to develop your own style, backed by musical knowledge and control of your own body. Specific music selections will be explored, deconstructed, and ultimately expressed by you utilizing individual steps and fun body movements. As you get more in touch with these concepts, you will begin to find that ever-elusive “feeling” everyone always talks about!


 Special On2 for On1 Dancers Workshop

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Calling all Seattle On1 salsa dancers!
Planning to go to the Portland Salsa Congress this year? Planning on taking any of the salsa workshops? Did you notice that Many 0f the artists currently scheduled to teach are On2 dancers?!! Both styles are great! But do you really want to limit yourself to just a few of the many instructors that will be teaching at the Congress? Now is the time to learn the basics of dancing On2! Don’t wait to try to figure out the timing change when you’re in a workshop at the Congress! Get the feel for it before you get there! That way you can focus on the material being taught by some of the worlds best dancers instead of trying to get the timing right.
In this special workshop for On1 dancers we will show you the pitfalls that many experience when trying to switch to On2, and help you avoid them! In this 2 hour workshop you’ll learn simple drills, tricks and musical cues to help keep you on time at the Congress workshops. Of course there will be simple footwork, partnering and styling taught as well.
This workshop is for intermediate and above dancers.
Michael and Camille are both accomplished On1 dancers who have taught and performed both On1 and On2.

Cost for the 2 hour workshop is:
$18 advance
$20 at the door

What’s the Samba workshop all about?

Sign up for Samba today!!!
Join Camille of Tudo Beleza for a monthly Samba workshop at Sueños de Salsa! Learn Samba No Pe, the energetic and invigorating dance taught in the Samba schools of Rio de Janiero and seen during Carnaval. Come ready to work it!

Tudo Beleza is a Seattle dance company that brings the creativity, energy and infectious enthusiasm of Brazil to the stage. Tudo Beleza is dedicated to bringing a slice of Brazilian culture to Pacific Northwest audiences, with vibrant dancing and colorful costumes that invoke the spirit of Carnaval. Tudo Beleza specializes in the fast-paced and exciting Rio-Style Samba, and also performs other traditional forms of Brazilian dance, such as Samba-Reggae, Axé, and Pagode Samba.  Tudo Beleza also draws from the varied cultural experiences of its members – infusing choreography with Latin American, African and North American flavors.

What to wear: Comfortable clothes that you can move in! Socks or dance flats are recommended.

Last Sunday of each month
2:00 – 3:30 pm

$15 cash or check